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Specialist advice on Fire Safety matters
Red Lion Chambers offers specialist advice on Fire Safety matters to fire and rescue authorities, public and investigatory bodies, commercial undertakings, public and quasi-public service organisations and private individuals. We have acted in numerous high-profile prosecutions under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, including:

R v F (ongoing) involving two fatalities at a multiple occupancy dwelling in Yorkshire. This case has received widespread media coverage, not least because of the young age of the victims.
Hampsire Fire and Rescue Authority v Mirza in the Court of Appeal which is the first reported case where a finding that the custody threshold been crossed was upheld.

R v Draper involving substantial fines where member of Chambers appeared in both the Crown Court and the Court of Appeal.

Other cases we have undertaken include breaches at restaurants, factories and residential premises. Involvement of counsel has run from first appearances in the Magistrates’ Court through to sentencing in the Crown Court and appeal to the Court of Appeal.

Members often advise on the commencement of prosecutions, liability and the appropriate defendants, the most suitable charges, the gathering and presentation of evidence and the range of penalties available.

Since October 2006, every company in England and Wales has been under a duty to carry out a risk assessment to ensure compliance with the Fire Safety Regulations, in accordance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. As a result, companies must identify precautions to be taken in respect of fire risks. Breach can result in significant fines as well as serious damage to reputation. Red Lion Chamber's barristers are able to offer expert knowledge and advice in respect of:

Fire safety enforcement notices, appeals and prosecutions for breaches of fire safety, and
future compliance, including the implementation and maintenance of a fire management plan.
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