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Fire Law Video Presentations
Colin Todd
David Stotesbury
Colin Todd is one of the leading legal experts in the UK on Fire Safety law and has been closely associated with the Red Lion Chambers Fire Safety Law team on a number of cases.
David Stotesbury has been involved in some of the most important fire law cases in the last 20 years. He has held positions as both the Head of Enforcement for London Fire Brigade and has also practiced as a Barrister independently. He has also had input into drafting the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which now makes up fire law in this country.
Foster Case - the most important fire law case of 2013
Karen Galloway
Dave Watson
Karen Galloway, the solicitor for the local authority that prosecuted in the case of Foster, undoubtedly the most important fire law case of 2013, discusses her involvement in the case and its significance.
David Watson, a senior Fire Officer and part of the team who investigated and prosecuted a double fatality in North Yorkshire speaks of his experience and involvement on this case.